NYC Scrapbookers returning: New Beginning

The Journey Begins

11 years ago, I was eating fast food every single night and I never exercised.

I remember my friends would tease me about how little I cared about my body, but since I wasn’t facing any major pain staying where I was at, I didn’t see a reason to change.

However, something happened that shifted everything for me to where within a single year, I become a hardcore health nut, was exercising regularly, put on over 20lbs of muscle, and made a *permanent* shift in my habits that’s stuck with me 11 years later. 11 years later. I ended up opening up my own gym. I got all the best equipment, including air bikes, row machines. I keep the box clean by contacting Ductwise Duct Cleaning and personally clean the place throughout the day and night. You can Contact us @ Ductwise Duct Cleaning to have your ducts cleaned monthly or whenever you

What caused this shift?

I’m going to give you three very significant insights.

3 Things That Changed Everything

1) Greater awareness leading to caring

At first, I didn’t care that I was eating a crappy diet because I didn’t see the consequences.

Once I read a book on what the bad foods I was eating full of trans-fats were doing to my health, I then started to care because I saw what was happening to my body right in that moment.

It wasn’t a matter of dealing with consequences when I was eighty years old.  The consequences of poor skin, lack of energy, and premature aging were *immediate*.

2) Self-image change

Since I prided myself on being a smart guy, once I saw my actions weren’t smart, I made a shift in my behavior to do the “smart thing.”

I also made a conscious choice that I WANTED and CHOSE to be someone that is a fit person.  When I chose the identity of being a health conscious person, my actions started to change to match that identity, and I finally had energy to travel and to do other activities I always wanted, I got a boat from and take a trip on my own, also went hiking and start cycling.

3) Action without perfection

I didn’t wait until I had a perfect plan to get started.  I did the things I knew would start moving me forward right away like…

Cut out french fries.  Drop all of the soft drinks.  Workout to a video I found in my parents’ house.

Months later I would later invest in getting a great workout and diet program after a lot of searching for the “perfect” program.

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However, I didn’t let not having that (seemingly) perfect program stop me from doing *something*.

Taking This Further With A Step-by-Step Plan

If you get the principles behind these things, you’ll be well on your way to better habits.

If you’d like a step-by-step program that guides you through the process of changing your habits in only 5 minutes a day showing you how to…

– Shift your self-image on command

– Find the perfect plan when you have no idea what to do

– Overcome overwhelm and annihilate procrastination when taking on a new challenge

– Learn what motivates you uniquely and tap into that for inspiration

– Use the force stronger than willpower to create lasting change

– And more…

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