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Good morning, World of Gentle Readers,

We’re flying our new flag today.  It’s an Annin flag: perfect for our Captain’s Inn.  “Really?  And, why is that?” you ask.  Well, the company began with Alexander Annin “sewing flags and supplying them to merchant ships from his sail-making shop on the New York City waterfront as far back as 1820” – the same period that Elbert Stannand left for life at sea at the age of 14 for his lifelong adventure on merchant ships.  We loved learning that.

Annin flags were also the flags for Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration and his casket; the flags flown for the opening of Yankee Stadium in 1923; the flags carried to the North Pole in 1909, the South Pole in 1930, and Mount Everest in 1963; the flag planted on Iwo Jima in 1945; and the flag erected on the moon by Buzz Aldrin.  www.annin.com/annin.com/about.asp

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