The Sign Story

Over 20 years ago, Lighthouse Signs of Westbrook took their first commission:  the Captain Stannard sign.  Made of thick cedar, the background was sandblasted back so that the letters, image, and frame stood forward.  Classy.  It looked a lot like this:

After many wind and ice storms, it broke.


Because of its scars, we painted it with colors true to the period of the building.
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Alas, Hurricane Irene smashed it beyond our laymen’s abilities. It was time for a professional redo. We brought it back to its creator.


It was a labor of love.  Of course, it would have been easier to craft a new sign.  But, the history and the tradition would be lost.  Tucker spent nine months!  I had no idea how many painstaking steps were involved.  After stripping it bare and masterfully repairing the pieces, Tucker gave it more depth, simplified the ship in silhouette form, applied gold leaf to the image and lettering, chose that gorgeous blue for the edge, and rehung it properly on the refurbished pole.

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