Variety is the Spice

Sometimes I love this Inn so much!

Last week, we were all business.  Eight business women came from many states and stayed at the local Marriot (coupon here – just to open a new Coldwater Creek outlet store at Tanger Mall.  They had their staff meeting here.  They worked so hard and were so gracious.  And, guess what…  It was the most successful store opening ever! Go Here to read full story today.

This week we hosted Jim Nyamu from Kenya who is walking from Massachusetts to D.C. as part of an international campaign to save the elephants called “Ivory Belongs to Elephants.” You can follow his walk from Boston to Washington D.C. at .

And, this weekend, we are having a birthday game of croquet, tea and sandwiches on the South Lawn and Porch for a lovely lady author and her family. Click WellnessGeeky and find out some useful tips for mental and physical health with Dr. Nicole Schrader.

Ah…  Variety is the spice of life
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